After further review: Pasquotank at Perquimans

Pasquotank’s 41-12 win on Friday night easily was its most complete game played this season.

Marcus Cowell rushed for 136 yards and two touchdowns in the win. An offensive line that was deluged against Camden in Week 1 has slowly come together the past two weeks.

The Panthers take the next week off in preparation for North Pitt on Sept. 18. What was impressive about the Pasquotank start was the team came out and jumped on young Perquimans team.

In the second half, the offense was not as consistent. Turnovers and the inability to convert on third down slowed the Panthers attack. Chalk it up to a Pasquotank team that knew Perquimans would struggle to comeback into the game with its top rusher injured.

Perquimans running back Reashun Warren was injured in the second quarter. He played one series in the third quarter, but did not return for the Pirates.

Credit to the P-Tank defense for not losing its composure as they played a good portion of the second half.

As for Perquimans, it’s tough sailing for coach Elvin James. A very young team on defense struggled to corral the Panthers running backs. On offense, there were plays to be made in the passing game but key drops or indecisive decision-making ended potential scoring drives. The Pirates can change their fortunes starting next week as the travel to Creswell as they begin Coastal 10 Conference action.


Oatman to Halfacre


Warren breaks a run for Perquimans


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