Weekly conference projections

Not much change in my new set of high school football conference projections, except maybe the gap between Northeastern and the rest of the Northeastern Coastal Conference teams is getting wider. The conference is named for the Eagles though (no that’s not it…I think?).

At any rate, here they are (with some light-hearted additions):

NCC — 1. Northeastern, 2. Hertford County, 3. Northeastern’s JV, 4. Bertie, 5. Jim Prince’s Corvettes, 6. Pasquotank, 7. Edenton, 8. Currituck, 9. First Flight

Coastal 10 — 1. Plymouth, 2. Camden, 3. Marcus Joyner, 4. Manteo, 5. Elvin James weekends, 6. Gates, 7. Robert Cody interviews, 8. Perquimans, 9. Columbia, 10. Creswell, 11. Mattamuskeet, 12. Elizabeth City/River Road Middle, 13. Jamesville, 14. Cape Hatteras


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