Weekly conference predictions and more

So Northeastern lost: 

Doesn’t change weekly league predictions for the Eagles as tops in the Northeastern Coastal Conference. Of course there’s always more to see when it comes to the lists:

NCC: 1. Northeastern, 2. Hertford County, 3. Bertie, 4. Pasquotank, 5. Currituck, 6. Edenton, 7. First Flight. Other receiving votes: First Flight uniforms, Student section signs

Coastal 10: 1. Plymouth, 2. Plymouth’s rock, 3. Camden, 4. Will Bunton’s cleat game, 5. Manteo, 6. Perquimans, 7. Reashun Warren touchdown runs, 8. Gates, 9. Columbia, 10. Creswell, 11. Mattamuskeet, 12. Cape Hatteras. Others receiving votes: Benedict.


We send our condolences to the family of former Manteo football coach Punk Daniels. The longtime MHS leader passed away on Saturday. I was blessed to get to know Daniels when covering athletics in Dare County, and he helped me better know the region and people.

I know Manteo football will play with heavy hearts this Friday against Perquimans.


Sometimes our shamon nows on the NENC Sports Radio Show (links to past shows are on the left hand column of this blog) are too hot for radio. Or even the podcast version.

That was the case this past week. It aired, but it was noticeably weak. So since it was edited, I’ve added the complete version below:

Elizabeth City State knew it long before the NCAA made it official in July that Virginia University-Lynchburg was not accredited and thus any game against the Dragons would not count. Shamon now. Oh well, we need some kind of victory, right? Let’s pay for their lodging, meals and other expenses and give the 200 fans at Roebuck Stadium a fun show. Problem is, did the money made from the not game exceed what you gave Lynchburg? We tabulated a low-end cost of $9,000 given to the school. Geez guys, if you wanted a victory so bad without care of the official win-loss record, I’ve got a better solution: ECSU vs. Northeastern. Imagine the storylines: Former ECSU player and now NHS coach Antonio Moore against good friend Waverly Tillar. Local athletes who faced Northeastern a year prior in high school now see them again with a different team. It’s all Elizabeth City everything. The Vikings would have a reason to play on the road: let’s face it, the field at the Northeastern Athletic Complex is MUCH better than Roebuck. Teams can split the gate and still make money. There it is, a way for the team to get an easy victory: Northeastern that is. ECSU playing fake games, shamon now.


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