Weekly conference predictions

League play began in the Northeastern Coastal Conference on Friday Thursday and with it gave us some food for thought. Edenton, after all, did feast on Pasquotank 50-22. Northeastern got its share of winning again by beating Bertie 52-12 while Hertford County (at Currituck) and First Flight (vs. Camden) also picked up victories with ease.

It makes for some changes in our weekly conference predictions.

Northeastern Coastal: 1. Northeastern, 2. Lake Taylor (Va.) penalties, 3. Edenton, 4. Lake Taylor (Va.) penalties, 5. Hertford County, 6. Lake Taylor (Va.) penalties, 7. Pasquotank, 8. Lake Taylor (Va.) penalties, 9. Bertie, 10. Penalties assessed to Lake Taylor (Va.), 11. Currituck, 12. Unnecessary whining after a win, 13. First Flight.

Coastal 10 Conference: 1. Plymouth, 2. Camden, 3. Poorly lit Plymouth field, 4. False Creswell scores, 5. Perquimans, 6. Gates, 7. Manteo, 8. Scuppernong Cafe, 9. Columbia, 10. Creswell, 11. Mattamuskeet, 12. Tropical Storm Joaquin, 13. Cape Hatteras


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