Weekly conference predictions

So after Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday games, we’re ready for a week of high school football that’s ONLY played on Friday.

Northeastern at Edenton has usually meant the winner receives the bigger prize of the Northeastern Coastal Conference crown. Maybe not so much for Aces this fall, but the Eagles are certainly in position to do so.

Perquimans has another big test at Plymouth, Camden gets a trip to Creswell and Pasquotank is at surging Hertford County.

Here are our weekly conference predictions:

NCC: 1. Northeastern, 2. Hertford County, 3. Wednesday games, 4. Time Warner Cable SportsChannel, 5. Edenton, 6. Bertie, 7. First Flight, 8. Pasquotank, 9. Currituck

Coastal 10: 1. Plymouth, 2. Camden, 3. Jazz hands, 4. Gates, 5. Perquimans, 6. Manteo, 7. Scuppernongs, 8. Columbia, 9. Mattamuskeet, 10. Creswell, 11. Non-conference Cape Hatteras


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