NENC playoff predictions

With nine weeks of high school football complete, many northeastern North Carolina teams are sizing up where they could fall in the state playoffs.

Some, however, will miss the cut without a strong late push. Let’s break down the 1As and 2As here:


WHO’S IN: Any school that owns a football. No, really, that’s close to being true. There’s barely enough teams in the classification to make 1A and 1AA playoff brackets.

NENC’S GOOD TO GO: Plymouth, Camden, Gates, Manteo, Perquimans, Columbia

EH, IT’LL HAPPEN: Mattamuskeet, Creswell (not so fast Cape Hatteras, but finding one win could).

BIG ONES: Camden, Gates and Perquimans

SMALL ONES: Plymouth (and better than the big ones), Manteo, Columbia, Mattamuskeet, Creswell


WHO’S IN: You have four wins? Then the North Carolina High School Athletic Association wants you…to play on so more money can be made and continue your season. Teams who finish in the top three of a conference are locks, the rest are more or less wild cards.

NENC’S GOOD TO GO: Northeastern, Hertford County

EH, IT’LL HAPPEN: First Flight, Edenton

BIG TWOS: None. Maybe Northeastern, but the opening of a charter school in Elizabeth City likely will keep the Eagles from a second-straight 2AA postseason.

SMALL TWOS: Northeastern, Hertford County, Edenton, First Flight


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