Weekly conference power rankings

About that full Friday slate of games: nope. Thanks Hurricane Matthew.

Northeastern Coastal Conference

  1. Edenton (6-1) (LW 1): How is it that coach Paul Hoggard can say his team is not playing well and yet winning with ease anyway? Call it coach speak for never being satisfied. Hey, it keeps the Aces focused. Could a turnaround from playing Monday to Thursday be a concern at Currituck?
  2. Northeastern (5-1) (LW 2): First Flight stayed competitive for a half, but too much Traveon Freshwater and the Eagles. Next Friday’s game against Edenton will be epic. #tweetsusedsince2011
  3. Pasquotank (5-1) (LW 4): We get to determine third here after Friday since the Panthers welcome First Flight. A win also just about wraps up a playoff berth. Add another W and it automatically gives Pasquotank just its second-ever winning season.
  4. First Flight (4-1) (LW 3): Nighthawks back to Earth in loss to Northeastern.
  5. Hertford County (3-4) (LW 5): If this was a sportsmanship poll then the Bears would be last. Don’t take my word for it. Look at our video from Monday’s game against Edenton. One on Twitter called it a wrestling match before football.
  6. Currituck (2-5) (LW 6): Knights would like to get just a little of the mojo gathered from a 2-0 start. And spoiling next Friday’s Edenton-NHS showdown wouldn’t hurt either.
  7. Bertie (2-4) (LW 7): A resounding win against a state-ranked Riverside harked back to Bertie being a regional power. Boy would the Falcons like to have that sensation more often.

Others receiving votes: Parker Betts’ onside kicks, Edenton field drainage.

Coastal 10

  1. Gates (4-2) (LW 2): The Red Barons cooled off a hot Perquimans unit. Enough to give them some love and put them atop the rankings again.
  2. Plymouth (3-3) (LW 1): To the Vikings’ credit, they topped a 2A team in Washington. Then you look at Washington’s record (0-6). Eh, win’s a win though.
  3. Perquimans (4-3) (LW 3): Will now need help for a conference championship. On the plus side, three of last four very winnable (Camden, at Mattamuskeet, at Columbia). Maybe means a home playoff game?
  4. Manteo (3-4) (LW 4): Redskins keep improving, and they took advantage of Camden miscues last Friday.
  5. Camden (1-5) (LW 5): Times sure aren’t fair.
  6. Mattamuskeet (3-3) (LW 6): Lakers played Cape Hatteras on Wednesday night. We’ll know the score by Wednesday night. Next Wednesday night.
  7. Columbia (3-3) (LW 7): Can the Wildcats win at Manteo? No.
  8. Hatteras (1-4) (LW 9): For some reason MaxPreps has Hatteras the winner via forfeit against Creswell. Not sure there was a winner but whatev.
  9. Creswell (0-6) (LW 8): The Tigers are back. Now get ready for this work courtesy of Plymouth.

Others receiving votes: Sunbury stoplight.

— Owen Hassell


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