Weekly conference power rankings

So I’m a little later than usual posting. That’s because it took that long to calculate what could happen in the Northeastern Coastal Conference by Nov. 11. Northeastern’s loss to Hertford County means both, along with Edenton, could share the NCC title.

For a complete breakdown of how it could all shake out, check out this week’s NENC Sports Radio Show (either Thursday night at 7 on WRVS 89.9 FM or when it’s uploaded to YouTube).


  1. Northeastern (8-2) (LW 1): Yes, I get it, the Eagles suffered their first conference loss in three years. Why still No. 1? Have easiest path to clinch share of title (beat Currituck) or perhaps still win outright (Hertford County lose at First Flight).
  2. Hertford County (6-4) (LW 3): Once again, I hear you Edenton fans. The Aces indeed beat the Bears a few weeks back. Just let Hertford County have this for at least one week, OK? Especially before the trap trappiest trap of trapdom games this Friday at First Flight.
  3. Edenton (7-2) (LW 2): With a chance for its first conference championship since a share in 2013, the Aces have two games left: Bertie and at Currituck. Perhaps another trappiest trap trap trapendous game with the surging Falcons?
  4. First Flight (6-3) (LW 4): Jim Prince has this club coming off a resounding win at Currituck. Yes, the Knights are struggling, but it’s never easy to beat a team twice in the regular season, especially when it’s said team’s homecoming. Jennings Baker might be the league’s best tailback you haven’t heard of.
  5. Bertie (5-5) (LW 5): I have gushed over Grantley Mizelle’s ability to navigate this group through so much mess (floods, injuries to name a few) in his first year, and why not? Team has won four of its last five and certainly can’t count it out at Edenton. From 1-4 to a possible playoff berth? Crazy.
  6. Pasquotank (5-5) (LW 6): A lot of projections have the Panthers sneaking into the postseason, even after dropping a 5-1 lead (record) — the Indians and Warriors somewhat understand (3-1). Tough to practice for two weeks uncertain about it all, but it gives coach Chris McGee plenty of time to groom younger players for the future. It’s like a team getting an NIT or CBI berth in hoops: not ideal, but it’s more playing time to build a program.
  7. Currituck (2-7) (LW 7): I would’ve never imagined after covering Knights’ win at Camden in August that it could be their last. With Northeastern and Edenton to finish it out, that’s highly likely.

Others receiving votes: Nighthawks killed Harambe.

Coastal 10

  1. Camd…nah Plymouth (7-3) (LW 2): Let’s put the Vikings back at the top. Of course to Plymouth it never left. We’ll know for sure Friday at Gates.
  2. Gates (7-3) (LW 1): *finding memes of you blew a 20-0 lead against Camden* No worries though, path to a conference title still goes through Gatesville.
  3. Camden (3-6) (LW 4): Don’t you underestimate Scott Jones! He’s the Chuck Norris of this area. What another thrilling rally at Gates. These players are finally settling into the option just in time. The Bruins will finish 5-6 and become a nightmare for a home team in the first round of the 1AA playoffs.
  4. Manteo (4-6) (LW 3): There’s a three-way tie for most improved northeastern NC team, and Manteo is in it. Camden and Bertie the others. Redskins will also finish regular season at 5-6 and could make life tough for a 1A first round foe. Also shout to retiring coach Eddie Twyne. A great coach and an even better person.
  5. Perquimans (5-5) (LW 5): Mattamuskeet was a nice change of pace after the Camden defeat. The same will go for Columbia this Friday.
  6. Mattamuskeet (5-5) (LW 6): Lakers now travel to face a fired up Camden bunch. Yikes.
  7. Creswell (2-7) (LW 8): Well, someone had to win. And the Tigers did against Columbia. So there.
  8. Columbia (3-7) (LW 7): I’m hearing there’s a surge of playing coming through the middle school ranks that’ll give the program a boost soon. That’s just in time for the new (I guess it’ll be called) Tideland Conference.
  9. Cape Hatteras (1-7) (LW 9): Finished its year by forfeiting game with Norfolk Christian.

Others receiving votes: Ocracoke, basketball season.

— Owen Hassell


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